Dr. Esther Khatibi

Dr. Esther Khatibi

Direct Primary Care practice

of Dr. Esther Khatibi

providing comprehensive primary care to individuals and families. New Life can mean many things, but for us it means helping you achieve your new life as a healthy individual with physical and spiritual wellness, helping pregnant women and families bring a new life into the world! We chose a unique model of care called Direct Primary Care (DPC). As the FIRST DPC clinic in Corpus Christi, we have high expectations centered on giving you the most individualized care imaginable.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care (Physician to Patient) is made possible by eliminating the middle man (Insurance) and focusing on a limited number of patients. This allows for the highest quality care – based on a relationship between you and your physician.

Better Health Outcomes

Patients achieve superior health outcomes with Direct Primary Care’s innovative service delivery.  DPCs provide better access to physicians, empower an authentic therapeutic relationship, and comprehensive patient care.

Lower Costs

Affordable, transparent costs are based on a periodic overall flat rate (i.e. membership or subscription).  No third parties or Fee for Service billing to inflate costs. Memberships cost less than the average cell phone bill.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients receive ongoing access to their healthcare provider. You’ll experience little to no wait time, and longer appointments (in person, virtually, or phone).