Pregnancy-Direct-Primary-Care-Corpus-ChristiNew Life is very much about moms and babies! As a family doctor, one of my greatest joys is caring for a growing family. We provide prenatal care, manage pregnancy complications, deliver babies (vaginal and csections), and postpartum care. We work with OB hospitalists, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists, Neonatologists, and Lactation Consultants to provide you the best care.

One of the benefits of having a Family Doctor who does Obstetrics is the continuity of care. We care for you in the clinic while pregnant, deliver your baby in the hospital, and are able to care for you AND baby after the delivery. We love having a comprehensive understanding of your health and believe it helps us deliver excellent care. Our prenatal visits are relaxed and focused on empowering mothers and families, while giving excellent evidence based obstetric care. There is plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your birth plans.