Our prices are simple, affordable, and based on each member’s age.

Fees are paid each month with your credit or debit card.

We believe the best care is provided through a long-term relationship. However, there are no long-term commitments or contracts. You may quit at any time by text or email. No reason required.

Our patients believe we offer a unique and valuable service. In order to offer this high quality care, we limit our total patients. If you cancel and decide to rejoin later, that is not a problem but there is a good chance you may be placed on a waiting list.

Membership Fees

  • Ages 18-54
  • $75
  • /month
  • Ages 55+
  • $100
  • /month
  • OB
  • $150
  • /month

Enrollment Fee (one-time):

$75 per Individual
$150 per Family
$150 per OB member